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The next Games

Are scheduled from January 31st to February 2nd 2020. We will put in information as soon as we can for you guys to plan your trip.

You can contact us by E-mail keila[at]ir.is for further information until then.

IR Bowling Club is proud to host the bowling event at Reykjavik International Games for the 11th time 2019. The tournament will take place from January 31st and end with the finals on the February 3rd Finals will be live on The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV). The competition will take place at Keiluhöllin Egilshöll (map).

Link to the TV broadcast from February 3rd

Tournament formation

  • Oil pattern is HIGH STREET 8144
  • Entries and re-entries, 6 games – See Tournament rules
  • 32 bowlers will qualify for the final steps
  • Entry fee is 10.000,- IS kr.
  • Re-Entry fee is 7.000,- IS kr.
  • Early-Bird fee is 6.000,- IS kr.

Practical information

WOW - RIG 2018 Keila

Entry fees and winning price

  • Entry fee is 10.000 IS kr.
  • Re-entry fee is 7.000 IS kr.
  • Turbo fee for games 5 and 6 is 1.000 IS kr.
    Valid for every entry except Early Bird

Winning price

  1. place – 190.000 IS kr. (approx. 1.400 Euros)
  2. place – 100.000 IS kr. (approx. 740 Euros)
  3. place –   70.000 IS kr. (approx. 520 Euros)
  4. place –   50.000 IS kr. (approx. 370 Euros)
  5. place –   30.000 IS kr. (approx. 220 Euros)
  6. place –   25.000 IS kr. (approx. 185 Euros)
  7. place –   20.000 IS kr. (approx. 150 Euros)
  8. place –   15.000 IS kr. (approx. 110 Euros)

Total 500.000 IS kr. (approx. 3.700 Euros)

Danish_Wiking_pngForeign guests

Each year we are honored by welcoming foreign guests. This year we will have big cannons. Three PWBA bowlers (see below), Jeseper Agerbo from Denmark, the winner of RIG 2018, will come again and this time with 16 other Danish bowlers, Mattias Möller from Sweden will be here and maybe more and more…




PWBA guests

DanielleDanielle McEwan – USA
2015 Smithfield PWBA Tour Championship, Arlington, Texas – Major
2017 Two gold medals (all-events, trios) and one bronze medal (doubles) at World Bowling World Championships
2017 Silver medal (doubles) at 2017 World Games
2016 Runner-up at 2016 QubicaAMF World Cup



Tannya2Tannya Roumimper – Indonesia
2017 World Bowling Championship – Bronze medal trios
2017 SEA Games – Gold medal doubles






Daria1Daria Pajak – Poland
2017 PWBA Rookie of the Year
2017 US Open – 2nd place
2017 PWBA – 1st at Greater Detroit Open




Contact information

IR Bowling club tel: +354 895 8333 or +354 773 4737 / keila@ir.is


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